Apple Seeks To Protect Dropped iPhones

With today’s devices becoming more and more complex, and damaged devices such as the iPhone 5, becoming more costly to repair, Apple are seeking to find a way to automatically protect your device […]

The Daily App Report : TVGuide For iPad

TV guide for iPad is currently the number one downloaded app to keep up to date with all your TV Listings, alerts, social media options and much more. The App features the ability […]

The Daily App Report : BeFunky Application

Its one of the most popular photo editors on the app store, BeFunky is an application that lets you spice up your pictures taken on any device. You can stack unlimited effects on-top of […]

When Can We Expect Apple's 2013 Keynotes ?

UPDATE: Apple has officially announced the iPhone 5S & 5S Keynote for September 10th, Live coverage here  In previous years such as 2010 and 2011 Apple had planned and held all of their keynotes in […]

Twitterrific 5 Release Date Confirmed As Dec 6th

The next major version of the popular twitter application, Twitterrific, is set to go live on the App Store on December 6th and it looks very exciting. For those that don’t know, Twitterrific […]