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BundlesForMac Web Development Toolkit

A Web Development Toolkit has been announced under the name of BundlesforMac which is inclusive of 10 great applications and is being offered with more than 90 percent off on its price for the next two weeks. The promo will end on the 28th of December this year and includes the following applications within it:


this program is a fat and reliable text editor and holds 13 languages in addition to the facility of adding in more languages. The user can extend the feature of skEdit by writing out the script in the required language and then placing it in the script menu.

Logo Design Studio Pro

For any amateur or a professional logo designer, this application is considered as the best and holds as much as 1000 logo designs concept along with 2800 completely editable vector graphics. Moreover, it also has over 100 effects and filters, background textures of up to 500, 500 taglines, 15 fonts used for commercial purposes and much more.

Better Link Tester

BLT is a Mac based website link testing program. This link checking application ensures that each and every link onto the website leads to some other place on the web and does not show the 404 error message. Through BLT, the user can make sure that the consumers are getting their best experience and that they will come back again.

Simon Bronze &#8211- 15 Active Tests

Dejal Simon is considered as an essential web monitoring utility for Mac operating systems. The program makes a check on servers for failures, changes and notifies the user through e-mail, Twitter, sound, speech or any other means. It can also be used to trace out updated sites and to be aware as to when an important server crashes down or recovers up.

Get Backup Pro

There are several important things stored onto your system, the losing of which might turn out to be of huge loss. To protect your important as well as personal files Get Backup Pro is considered as a great application included in the BundlesforMac which has a combination of several backup utilities such as scheduling, disk cloning, compression tools, restoring of archives on any system without using the app and the best part is that all these services are offered for free.


This app is an easy-to-use MySQL editor foe all Mac operating systems.


This is a billing as well as an invoice generating program which allows the user to add in new clients, add in timed or fixed charges, monitor the time spent of every project, and make all tax calculations, generation of detailed reports and various other activities. Moreover, it also offers a seamless integration of Mac systems with other apps such as iCal, Address Book as well as Spotlight.

HTML Validator

This program validates html pages onto the Mac systems, without getting connected to a remote server. Validations of most of the HTML pages develop a list of warnings and errors. Moreover, it can also extract the source of the current page directly from the Safari web browser and then validate them.


It is a file transfer program for Mac OS X.


It enables the user to send thousands of e-mails via the powerful service of Amazon SES.

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