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Broomstick for Mac App Review

An overcrowded menu bar is a common complaint among Mac users but this is not surprising because it is all too easy to let it get out of hand. After all there are a lot of apps out there and limited space on the bar. How can we be expected to choose what stays on there? Many of us simply don’t, hence the cluttering. Fortunately there are apps out there that can help us to tidy it up a bit. A shining example is Broomstick, which is completely free to download.

Too many apps squeezed into one small place is not attractive to look at and it is hardly practical either. Fortunately Broomstick makes it very easy to hide them in the same manner as sweeping trash under the rug. You can often hide apps yourself but sometimes there just aren’t enough ways to do it, which is something Broomstick takes care of. One of the things that make it so great is the fact that it can hide the apps that cannot normally be hidden, at least not with the restrictions imposed by their own individual settings. But Broomstick doesn’t let that get in the way and literally anything can be tucked away out of site.

Broomstick will not delete your apps but simply stop them appearing in your menu bar. This requires very little effort form you as all you have to do is select the apps that you would like to keep invisible and it will obey, while allowing them to continue running quietly in the background. This can be reversed at any time if you wish to make them visible again later on. Hiding your apps is a very simple process that involves scrolling down a list of app names and selecting the ones that you wish to hide.

One thing you need to be aware of though is that Broomstick cannot hide every app yet as it does not support them all. Generally this won’t be a problem but if you are using a more obscure app then there is a chance it will go unrecognised and as such, will not be able to be hidden. However this is an issue that the app’s creators are working on and you can even send requests of apps you need support for. You will notice an option on the list for unlisted apps and if you click this you can enter the name of the app in question.

Obviously the main draw will be the price, or lack thereof, as a well-known solution to this problem is an app called Bartender, but of course that costs $15 and not everyone wants to pay that much for such a basic function. But far from being a cheap knockoff, Broomstick is good enough to stand up on its own. It offers a very simple function and if you are looking to organise the apps then you may want to look elsewhere. However if hiding is all you need then Broomstick is ideal.

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