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Broadersheet : News that Matters

Broadersheet : News that Matters

There is no doubt the iPhone has aided my development into a slightly greedy information consumer. From Twitter to RSS I am constantly using my internet connection to keep up to date with the latest happenings from friends, colleagues and my favourite websites and as a result rely on my trusty Juice Pack to get me through the day.

Personally speaking I am a massive fan of Byline RSS reader (read the review) for the iPhone as it syncs all my favourite RSS feeds with Google Reader and offers a really nice user interface that quickly lets me read, star and share news articles. 


A new application has been released that claims to go beyond RSS and offers a brand new way for me to keep up to date with the latest news. Broadersheet claims to be a highly personalised newspaper for your iPhone.

Broadersheet syndicates news articles from around the world using trusted media and news sources. The key unique selling point is that Broadersheet claims to learn what topics I am most interested in simply by  watching how I use the application and reviewing the articles I enjoy reading each day.

Broadersheet balances important breaking news stories with what’s relevant to you with the application engine ensuring you don’t miss any major unexpected news events.

Broadersheet v RSS Readers

I really don’t view Broadersheet as an alternative to RSS but more of a handy additional application to checkout once I have processed and cleared my various RSS subscriptions. Broadersheet’s approach is different to just pulling RSS feeds from a range of websites it is an active approach matching information to my reading trends.

The application works really well and is easily customised to focus in on particular topic areas. As well as displaying my areas of interest Broadersheet was also able to display and recommend additional sources of news that I hadn’t actually discovered or ever considered would cover the type of news I was interested in.

I have never really red the UK’s Sun newspaper yet Broadersheet was able to pull news from the Sun website that interested me (and I quickly add this was text based content).


Topics and Sources

There are two main areas that define the news content Broadersheet will display  each day i.e. Topics and Sources. The application comes preloaded with both a range of topics from over twenty creditable news sources from around the world.

Although it isn’t possible to add additional news sources you can favourite and even hide a source from the list. Topics are a different animal and like Sources you favourite and delete topics but you also add additional key areas of your choice for Broadersheet to populate. I naturally added “Apple”.



You can view the Broadsheet headlines by Date, Source, Topic and Starred. Starred articles are ones you have favourited for reading and reviewing at a later date. The Broadersheet site also appears to offer an offline syndication option although we didn’t try it out for this review as the online feed was perfectly adequate even over GPRS.

Broadersheet offers the ability to display a news item / page in an iPhone friendly format. Unfortunately though the full page has to load before you can switch to this lighter viewing mode. It would be much better (and possibly quicker) if this was the other way around with the iPhone friendly page loading first and the application offering ability to load the full version as an option.

The Broadersheet application interface is very easy to use and you can scroll through news headlines by flicking the screen in the appropriate direction. You can also swipe articles  to favourite (right swipe) or  delete (left). An ‘Edit’ button on the top left of the screen allows you to quickly and easily favourite or star articles in list mode.

Key Features

  • Intuitively learns about you
  • Beautiful interface and animations
  • All the news providers you trust
  • Share via Twitter and Facebook
  • See related and additional coverage of stories


Broadersheet is taking a bold stepping into the ring with RSS readers yet offers something different that  is actually quite useful. Having an application than pulls headlines on a particular topic from a range of trusted news sources with the ability to add custom topics rather than the default “Sports” “Entertainment” offers a unique reading experience.

The big plus is the ability for Broadersheet to learn what I like. When I read a newspaper I don’t read all the articles on every page but scan my eyes across the headlines looking for the topics that interest me. Broadersheet offers this action but this time automatically, and scanning a stack more newspapers than I could ever afford on a single day.

Although I think the application is slightly over priced compared to other news readers in the Apps store it is still being actively developed. I think Broadersheet will continue to improve and offer a different approach to reading news that is definitely worth considering. If you are an avid fan of RSS feeds Broadersheet may offer a nice addition to your news reading activities.

More information on Broadersheet (iTunes Link).

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