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Bringing your Preferred Websites to Mac Desktop

Bringing your Preferred Websites to Mac Desktop

Everyone has favorite websites and there are some sites that we visit on daily basis. This is why there are desktop apps for famous websites like Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, and YouTube etc.

Here are some famous apps that would make accessing their websites easier. Place them on your desktop and you don’t need to open your browser every few seconds.


You can get MailTab to access Gmail quickly and easily. It’s more than a mere notifier. It also lets you read mails as they arrive. You can also compose a mail, reply to mails, delete or archive them, and even assign shortcuts! It’s got a lot, but still, if you want the complete Gmail experience, you should go for Sparrow.


You can get Facebox Pro to access Facebook quickly. Now you can view your updates, check friends’ profiles, access Facebook mailbox and even chat. It does have some limitations though- you can’t upload pics to your profile.


Get Tubbler to watch YouTube videos easily. Though it is not very feature-rich, but if you wish to watch playlists, then it is quite sufficient. You might find it a bit inadequate since it won’t help you find videos, but it does cover the basic aspects.

To convert YouTube format to MP3, you can use ‘YouTube to MP3′, an app that lets you convert videos to MP3 by accepting the YouTube URL. The downloaded music will automatically go to the Music folder. In case you want to download YouTube videos and watch them on your desktop, you can use MiniTube or MacTubes.


There are a lot of Twitter apps for the Mac. For example, you can use Tweetdeck, YoruFukurou, and Echofon etc.




A great app for Flickr is Flickr Uploadr that lets you upload pics easily. In case you want an app to browse Flickr pages on your system, you can use Flickroom. Some great applications that you might want to use with Flickr on your Mac are DeskLickr, Flickr: 1001, Photo Grabbr, FlickrBooth, and ShuffleSaver.

Which apps would you prefer for your Mac? All these apps let you browse your favorite websites. Which ones of these will find a place on your desktop? Do let us know.

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