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Boost your Ego via your iPhone

Boost your Ego via your iPhone

If you run your own blog, no matter what the topic you no doubt check a range of different statistics. There will be your feedburner subscription statistics that tell you the number of people reading your blog via RSS. There are your mint stats tell you everything you could possible ever want to know about how your site is used. Finally you might also check your Twitter following.


Massaging your ego each day with the one or two additional Twitter followers can be as much work as actually blogging. Well if you own an iPhone or iPod touch this statistic checking effort can not come to an end in the form of the suitably named ‘Ego’

Ego gives you one central web 2.0 styled application to check the statistics that matter most. With support for Feedburner, Mint, Twitter, Google and Ember the application covers the essentials. For a number of months Ego also allowed you to check your Google Page Rank but with feature has been withdrawn due to an issue at the Google end.

To be honest Page Rank doesn’t change often enough to need to check it on a daily basis. Ego offers the essentials, you can quickly view the number of visits to your website (including daily, hourly and monthly numbers), feed subscription totals and changes, and how many people are following you on Twitter.

Clicking on the widgets will change the display between stats for the year, month, and in the case of Mint the past hour.

It it is great idea for an iPhone application. One click and you instantly know the current health of your blog, feeds and followers. Lets just hope we always like what it tells us !

Ego costs just ?1.19 and is available on the iTunes Apps Store (here).

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