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Boom – Up to 11

I have yet to meet anyone who firmly believes that their laptop’s speakers are loud, clear and not at all tinny. It doesn’t matter how advanced the model is, chances are those little speakers have their limitations without the addition of an external device. Listening to music quietly on your own in a small environment is all well and good but for more general use, built-in speakers just don’t cut it. Videos and songs are too quiet, watching a movie without subtitles is a frustrating experience and Skype calls even more so. This is where the Boom volume booster app from Global Delight comes in, suitable for your iPhone, iPad and iPod, and at just $6.99 it is well worth the value.

Like literally everyone else in the world has probably done, I had to unsubtly shove a Spinal Tap reference into this review but unimaginative writing aside, does Boom do the job and is it worthy of such pop culture comparison? I’m happy to say it does. Boom can in fact increase your system volume by 400% while an equalizer allows to you play around with it to get that sound just right.

Installation is simple enough from the Mac App Store, the only prerequisite being a small 300kb audio component Boom needs in order to work, but this will be included during the download. A free 7-day trial is also an option if you wish to try before you buy.

So the main feature is the system volume boost that gives you overall control of the volume and for the most part it works well without distortion, although this is not always the case if you play it constantly at full volume but if you find yourself doing this, I would advise investing in a new set of external speakers. In fact Boom can also increase their volume too but I highly doubt you will need to do that. Boom provides system wide amplification, which means whether you are listening to iTunes, playing games or chatting, everything gets the benefit of the volume boost and you’ll be surprised just how much you can get out of these humble little speakers.

Boom also has a system equalizer to help you customize the sound, although to get the most out of it I would advise turning off the iTunes equalizer as the two working in conjunction does not sound so pleasant. There are other presets for movies and vocal audio tracks but they seem a little unnecessary as the system wide preset seems to do the job more than adequately.

Boom is not without its flaws but they are minor and will only hinder your enjoyment if you lack the common sense to use it properly. Playing at full volume can damage your speakers as they are just not designed to operate at this level and the price is slightly steep if you do not plan on using the app often.

Minor quibbles aside, this is a great little feature that does what it does very well and is a nice, affordable alternative to external speakers.

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