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Bet new apps made down under

Bet new apps made down under

Just because we live in the land down under doesn’t mean that we have to do without when it comes to technology. Our computer stores are now getting the same goods as the US and UK within days of their original releases and more recently TV series are being aired within two days. But because we all live by our “I” products now, it’s about time that we got some great apps as well.

The Apple iTunes store can be quite confusing with its location settings. Sometimes it defaults you to the American store, only to be told that the product you want to buy is not available in your country. Other times it’s hard to compare the price of an item because you cannot look at any other counties stores. However, this negativity aside, here are some of the best new apps made in Australia for the whole world.

1-     Quicker Feet

This is an app for the Aussie but will hopefully be sold around the world for different countries. Sifting through the junk mail every day is not a good way to spend time but it can leave you with one or two coupons that might be useful. This app cuts out the middle man and gives you coupons to stores that you like that are near you, without having to spend hours looking through catalogues and junk mail. You can set up a list of favourite stores or types of stores as well as a distance radius. Made by Creative License Australia, this is a free app.

1-     Woolworths

Another app only for the Aussies, this is almost as good as being in the Woolworths store. This app has almost everything about the store, except for the ability to buy things. This app has the current catalogues that update automatically along with an individual store layout so you will never be lost in the aisles again. You can also add things to your shopping list and be reminded of them when you enter the store. Another great thing about this app for the later additions of the iPhone and iPad ranges is the barcode scanner. Simply take a photo of an items barcode and the app will locate it for you in the store, tell you the price, and give you the option of adding it to your shopping list. Woolworths is in stiff competition with other large grocery chains, but the ease of use with this app may be the thing to push it over the edge. Made by Woolworths Limited this is another free app.

2-     Avalon Airport

Melbourne’s second largest airport, Avalon often gets the short stick when people are looking to book their flights. But not anymore with this great new app. This has everything that you could need from an airport app plus more. Along with the standard flight schedules with up to date arrival and departure times, there’s also flight radar showing you how far the planes are from the airport. There is also access to car rental services and bus time tables. But the best thing about this app is the car park calculator that will show you how much money you can expect to pay when picking someone up or dropping them off at the airport. Now there’s no more need to scramble for change at the payment booths when you can work it out all ahead of time. Made by b2cloud, this is a free app.

3-     Whereis

The Whereis app is a great new addition to the cell phone GPS debate. Taking everything that is great about the Whereis website, this app is the easiest GPS device that you will ever use. Not only is it great for finding houses and businesses but it is also great at giving you the right directions, which is a not always a given when it comes to smart phone GPS apps. This app will also let you find restaurants and stores when you don’t know the address because all you have to do is search for the name and it will find it for you. You can also play your music in the background while getting directions-the app will just turn down the music when it speaks. Made by Sensis, this great app is free.

These are just some of the great Aussie additions to the app market.


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