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Best Time Killing Games for Mac (for free or almost for free)

Best Time Killing Games for Mac (for free or almost for free)

OS X is not exactly the best gaming platform, but it does have advantages over other operating systems. Developers who make games for iOS also make them for Snow Leopard, and thus there are many games in the Mac App store.

From puzzles to card games to full on adventure rides, the App store has tons of cool games. Here are some nice time killers:

Pocket Dinosaurs 2

It is an addictive game and is perfect for spending some quality gaming time. The goal of the game is to launch dinosaurs into a spaceship in under 60 seconds. This game has cute sound effects and graphics and it is liked by adults and kids alike. You would want to beat the high score as the game proceeds.

Action Swing

This game might not be able to turn heads with its graphics, but it will give you the break that you wanted from your work. You will get 3 lives and you have to complete various levels. Manage your tiny stick figure and get it safe on the moving stand.


Victory March

This one is not a very kid friendly game, unlike Pocket dinosaurs 2 and Action swing. Victory march is a small adventure game to keep you wanting more. Work your way through the game as an American or Soviet soldier and avoid obstacles. Shoot the enemy and protect yourself before they shoot you.

A Monster ate my Homework

This is a physics game with 80 levels. Hit the monsters, but take care that you do not hit the homework stacks. Else you will have to try again. You can play this game in either windowed mode or full screen mode.

Archibald’s Adventure Lite

This is unlike other lite version games as it allows you to enjoy 40 levels. So you can try the harder levels as well. In each level, you have to control Archibald and help him go on his skateboard while looking out for obstacles. The game is pretty easy and the graphics are amazing, and thus it is a good game for kids.

Have you ever played any of these games? And if you have, did you land on the top 5 high scorer lists?

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