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Best Mac Applications of 2011

The year 2011 is fading away but has left a mark of some of the very creatively Mac related applications. Below mentioned is a list of some of Mac apps that have been considered as the best in this year.

OS X Lion

The OS X Lion of Apple is considered as a very major change of Mac OS X that has been developed by fusing of some of the very high performing parts of iOS with all those features that made the OS X something very great.

This update is considered to be a very worthy one and is available at a price of $29.99. The only limitation is that if you are not using any legacy pre-Intel application, such an update would be a bit difficult as it is not perfect as some of the power users tend to complain related to the steps that has been initiated by Apple so as to streamline the operating system, but is a very solid up gradation that comes with a whole lot of promises.

The OS X Lion can be considered as a transitionary release by Apple which bridges the gap between the older versions of Mac with the latest Apple world of iPad and other types of iDevices.


If you are someone who is closely associated with the calendar, the application of Fantastical can turn out to be as one of the favorites. The application is available at the Mac App Store at a price of $19.99 and can be easily confused with any other calendar utility. Rather, the application also performs in a quick way to not only to monitor up and make in several changes within the calendar which also provides support for Google Calendar, BusyCal as well as the feature of iChat. The app also advances in creating new entries by making use of real language along with e-mails and several other text based options. So, if you frequently use, make references or updates calendars, Fantastical is the best program for you.


The application of Pixelmator 2.0 has been declared as the Mac App of the year and it is not surprising. Made available at a rate of $29.99 and is an excellent upgrade to a previously installed and great loc priced image editor. From this application, the user can perform almost 90 percent of what can be done with a more expensive application such as the Photoshop. Moreover, the application is also very fast in managing of big files and provides supports to several file types as well as Automator actions.

There are also several other low priced image editor for Mac which is inclusive of Flying Meat’s great app of Acorn 3but this application has maganed to be more powerfulas well as easy in its interface than any other similar program.


This application can be termed as the best Google Reader for iPhones and iPads and has also been recently released for Mac operating systems. The app syncs with the Google Reader and offers extensive support to Delicious, Instapaper, Pinboard and several other applications. The program can be purchased for $9.99 and is considered the best for any hardcore Google Reader/RSS addicted person.

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