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BenVista PhotoZoom Pro 5 for Mac App Review

While pretty much every single piece of image-editing software will allow you to resize a photo, whether it is Photoshop or simply Microsoft Paint, but what is not so common is one that will maintain the photo quality in the resulting image. While you may just resign yourself to the fact that the photo in question was never meant to be enlarged with any clarity, there is an alternative option that will scale up photos and make them look as good as possible as it does so. BenVista PhotoZoom Pro 5 is available now for $219.99, however there is also a free trial version but if you go for this you will have to put up with watermarks on your saved images. It is worth trying the free version to see how it suits you but if you are serious about enlarging photos for whatever purpose, the full version will be a solid investment.

When it comes to programs like Photoshop, enlarging a photo will generally use a technique called bicubic resampling, which provides mixed results, but PhotoZoom has its own patented technique called S-Spline Max which allows for sharper images, even after increasing the size. Open a photo in PhotoZoom and you can view the basic information about it, including format and resolution. From here you can then adjust the size or resolution and PhotoZoom will do the rest, automatically reproducing the photo based on your specifications. You can watch the process as it happens by way of a scan line that sweeps over the picture from the top to the bottom. As it passes, the pixelated image will gradually become sharper and clearer.

PhotoZoom certainly excels at what it does and the results are noticeable superior to those produced by Photoshop when it carries out a similar function. The software really does a great job of salvaging all the various details from the original, including textures which are lost to many other programs. Overall, PhotoZoom was able to keep the image looking fresh and natural after enlargement, something that even the excellent Photoshop does not always manage to do.

PhotoZoom is not without its minor flaws but there is nothing too serious. Anyone who has used Photoshop will notice that this takes significantly more time to reproduce the picture in its new size, slowing down proceedings a fair bit. It doesn’t help that this process must be done again every time you make the slightest adjustment to the picture so you want to try and specify the desired size straight away as playing around will take some time. However this extra time is justifiable by the fact that the results are superior so it is not necessarily a fair complaint.

PhotoZoom is not cheap and it is not recommended so much for the more casual photo editor. However if you are serious about your craft and would like a professional tool to carry out this function on a regular basis, PhotoZoom Pro 5 is ideal for you, provided you have the patience for it.

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