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Beautiful Weather for iPad App Review

Unless you are the kind of person who never leaves the house, there will almost certainly be an occasion where you need to find out what the weather forecast will be. Of course it is no secret that there is an abundance of weather apps, all striving to provide you with accurate weather predictions and various other snippets of meteorological information, depending on how detailed they are. Some weather apps are very basic and just tell you the forecast, but if you want to get more out of an app, there are also some detailed ones with all kinds of fancy visuals to enhance the experience, if the latter appeals to you more then there is a new app you may enjoy. Beautiful Weather is compatible with the iPad and can be downloaded from the App Store now for free.

Beautiful Weather is a very informative and detailed app that will cater to the meteorologically inquisitive. Whether you want to check the weather forecast in your immediate area or find out how the rest of the globe is affected, this app can help and throws in lots of nice features and visuals with it. When you look at the main screen you can see the current temperature and weather conditions, as well as the wind speed for your current location, while a quick swipe to the left and right will display the same information for different locations. On the hand, swiping down will provide you with the weather forecast for the next week and perhaps most fun of all, swiping up will take you to a 3D globe that you can rotate and zoom in on. This allows you to check weather conditions all around the world, while a details button adds more detailed information, such as temperature highs and lows, sunrise and sunset times, humidity and much more. Finally, if you tilt your iPad horizontally you will be able to view a daily breakdown of weather events for the morning, afternoon and night.

Beautiful Weather is certainly an appropriate name because the visuals of the app live up to this promise. All the visuals are vibrant and colourful and there are some neat touches as the weather changes, such as raindrop animations and so on. In addition to this the interface is also well designed and avoids clutter by keeping the information a swipe away, rather than stuffing it all onto the screen at once.

There only seems to be one flaw and that is the lack of forecasts between 6pm and 9am. If you want to know what the weather will be between these times you will only get a general view rather than a detailed breakdown of the night’s forecast. It is a strange omission but does not ruin the app too much as more often than not it is the weather in the daytime that really matters. Additional features are available for a price but even the free version has a lot going for it so anyone interested in the weather should consider this one as it is fun to use and informative, at least in the daytime.

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