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Barcode.r Features A 1D and 2D Barcode Reader and Generator

Barcode.r Features A 1D and 2D Barcode Reader and Generator

Barcode.r is an application that features a 1D and 2D Barcode Reader and Generator that uses your devices build in camera to scan bar-codes.

Bar-Code Reader

Barcode.r supports many different types of bar-codes including QR, Aztec Code and most 1D bar-codes and all the user has to do is hover the camera in front of the Bar-code, it will full-auto scan.

The code will then allow you to access web link, make a phone call, send email, send sms or save it to your device’s contacts.

The app has the ability to copy the scanned image to the clipboard as well as Viewing, printing, saving the bar-code you read, and opening it in other apps as an image file.

Barcode.r features the ability to read and generate barcodes

Barcode.r features the ability to read and generate bar-codes

All of your scanned results are saved in the history list automatically just in-case you need to find them later, with there being a second ability to save them to a favorites list.

Bar-Code Generator

Barcode.r also features a built-in Bar-Code Generator and this part of the app lets you perform tasks such as Creating a QR Code from your contact list, creating a QR Code from text, web link, SMS, email or current locations and even generating 1D bar-codes in a variety of formats.

You have the ability to save the generated codes to the photo library or share them by email, print them or open it in other app as an image file.

You can also make your bar-codes stand out bu changing the color of the generated code image giving the benefit of more people noticing it online while you can also sort your history or favorite items list by name, type or time.

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