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Top Mac Backup Apps

All of us store important files on our computers. Whether these files are related to work, study, or finance, losing them will for sure turn your world upside down. But before you start worrying about the safety of your data, consider file backup software presented in this article.

Backup process means creation of reserve copies for files. It can be done either manually or automatically. Manual backup is already a relic of the past, as it’s hard to update all of those copies according to the changes made to the original file. Therefore it’s advised that you use special backup software. Mac OS X has a built-in backup tool called Time Machine, but it is capable of backing up the full system only. And what if you need to backup some individual files using, for example, an external hard drive? Let’s take a look at the features of a good data backup solution:

  • Automatic schedules – ability to set desired time/date for backup.
  • Backup versions – ability to view all versions of the original file and changes made.
  • Support of external devices – ability to create backup copies of your Mac files on USB flash drives, external HDDs and other similar devices.
  • Ease of use – ability to create a backup within several clicks.
  • Synchronization – simultaneous updates of the backup copies and the original file.

And now please take a look at the top 4 Mac backup tools selected by us:

  1. MacKeeper – a complete package for your Mac that has all necessary backup features stated above. In addition to backup also has a file recovery feature.
  2. Carbonite – a nice file backup utility with intuitive interface that performs automatic backups of your important data. Can also restore files.
  3. Mozy – a fast and easy to use data backup tool for Mac OS. Supports automatic backups that can be either enabled or disabled.
  4. SuperDuper – simple but powerful data backup solution that can clone your hard drive. Supports automatic scheduling and enables you to view backup progress.

Keeping data safe is a top priority nowadays, so the choice of backup software is a responsible task. We hope this article will help you choose the best backup app for your Mac and you’ll be completely satisfied with it!

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