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Backup your Hard Drive with Time Machine

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In the modern world of today, there are many technologies that are on the verge of rising at the moment. Many technologies have been invented. Upgrading of the gadget is the fashion trend that most people are eagerly looking forward to acquire one. Through this high technology, computers are of no exception.

There are already a lot of mac computer users who do not know on how to back up mac their computer. Actually, there are ways on how to do a mac backup. Time Machine is considered as the best one to mac os x backup. This is a mac backup software provides a fastidious, clean interface to backup and to restore your files and programs. The Time Machine can create backups of files which can be restored even at a later date. Furthermore, it allows the user to refurbish the whole system, including multiple files or even to a single file only.

Time machine is easy to use. It is just like connecting it to an external hard drive to your mac computer. It may be in a form of a flash drive or by connecting it to a time Capsule. A secondary disk will also be an option for you to choose. If you haven’t specified a disk to backup for mac, you will have to connect it to your mac hard drive. Since this will be your first time to use, you will be asked if you would like to use it as a backup drive. You need to click “Use as a Backup Disk”. This will confirm that you want to use the disk to back up mac. The Time Machine will do a backup every hour for every day until such time that the backup drive is full.

Once the backup drive is already full, you may change your back up disk. To do this, you can manually select from the Time Machine System Preferences.
• Select from the Apple menu, and then select System Preferences by clicking it.
• A View menu will appear and choose Time Machine.
• You will then have to click “Select Back up Disk”.
• Select a disk where you want to backup mac.
• Click “Use for Backup”.

However, since the Time Machine will backup all of your files, you may prefer to choose only the important files that you want to back up. In the System Preferences, you will click the options button so that you can adjust the settings. This will allow you to exclude files that are not important. This will help you to eliminate filling up your backup disk.
If ever you have upgraded your hard drive having large capacity to store, you may mac os x backup transfer into the new hard drive.
• You need to be connected into your new hard drive.
• From the Disk Utility, make sure that it has a GUID partition and must be formatted as Mac OS Extended.
• From the desktop, choose the new drive’s icon.
• Choose Get Info from the File menu.
• You must have to ensure that “Ignore ownership on this volume” is not enabled.
• From the System Preferences, open Time Machine preferences.
• You need to slide the Time Machine switch to Off.
• In Finder, you must double click the current backup for mac drive. A Finder window will appear.
• You need to drag the folder “Back ups.back upd” to the new hard drive.
• You will then have to log in as administrator. Enter user name and password the click OK to start the copying process. This may take a while since all the backups will be copied.
• Click “Select Disk” from the Time Machine System Preferences.
• Choose your new hard drive.
• Click “Use for Backup”
All your mac os x backup will now be transferred completely to your new hard drive.
Since there are a lot of ways on how to backup mac computers, MacKeeper is the best mac backup software available today. For sure you do not want to lose important files and data. That is why MacKeeper is the best tool for this. To mac backup your computer, there are simplified steps for MacKeeper. You need to download a fully functional version of a MacKeeper.
• There is a need for you to select a folder or file which you need to keep safe and you want to mac backup.
• Decide if you want to activate the backup manually or just have it run automatically in the background mode. Actually, the latter one is the most preferable since you can choose a particular time to back up mac files.
• You may select how many copies for the file that you want to store.
• There is a need for you to determine the location or the destination for the files to be saved and stored. An external hard drive or through flash disk drives may be used to stored these files.
MacKeeper surely is the best backup for mac that is available today. You can guarantee that your files are fully intact and protected. MacKeeper can also cater to other issues on your mac computer. So what are you waiting for? Protect your mac computer with a MacKeeper!

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