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Backup 3: Backing It Up Easily [for MobileMe Users]

Backup 3: Backing It Up Easily [for MobileMe Users]

MobileMe subscribers usually know the fundamentals: emails, contacts, notes and calendars can be synced across various devices. But you might not know a few other things. For example, you may open the iDisk and see a Backup folder there and wonder what it is doing there.

The Backup folder has been put there by Apple and it is a part of Backup 3, a program to back your data up. Let’s learn more.

Why Backup?

Yes, Time Machine is an awesome utility, but the problem is that Time Machine back ups are usually stored on USB drives that can easily get lost. Losing your data isn’t exactly a pleasant thing.

Backup 3 is different than Time Machine. It is focused and backs up only important stuff. Your info is backed up once a day, and it can be copied to DVD once a month. Pretty simple.

What to Backup?

Pick up the important items. You can select your iTunes library, personal data, iLife data or home folder. Select the desired folders and continue.

Now double click on items in the list and pick files and folders to be backed up and their locations. Backup folder would be the default location. Set the time interval for backups.

Advanced settings

The QuickPicks section will highlight vital things that you may want to backup. If you have some specific folders that you use more frequently, back them up.

Its advantage

Time Machine has made backing up really easy, so everybody can do it now. But the most important part is to have an offsite location. If you don’t have it, even your backups would be lost. So make sure you backup on other locations as well.


It is a great backup program, but it’s not exactly user friendly. So it is not a program that would meet all your backup needs. It is a niche application, but it might be exactly some what people want.

If you use MobileMe, did you know about Backup 3? Which backup tool do you prefer? Time Machine, Backup 3, or any other? Do let us know through your comments.


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