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Avoid Identity Thefts by Protecting your Privacy

Avoid Identity Thefts by Protecting your Privacy

Buying online is simple, but it always has certain risks. There are more risks than just the privacy concern while you are using your credit card to shop online.


Your personal details can be taken from various places, particularly from online shopping websites. They can gain the information on your credit cards. This is bad because they can buy goods using your card. Apart from that, they can get important information like birthdays and addresses. They can thus forge your identity and issue bank credit on your name. This is more dangerous because banks have security measures for credit cards, but there is not much protection when funds are withdrawn from bank account directly or from electronic transfer, or using debit cards.

Protect yourself

To be safe against identity theft, you should do business with only reputed merchants. You can check the feedback before you enter the details of your card.

Apart from feedback, you must also check their privacy policy. There are many merchants that sell your email address and other details to third parties. When you go through their privacy policy, check for words like ‘email address’, ‘personally identifiable information’, or ‘third party’. Read the sentences that have these words. This would tell you about the intentions of the merchant.

And then there are many sites that look believable, but are actually fraud. For example, a URL like might seem like a valid ebay URL, but if you look closely, it has got nothing to do with ebay. And they design their site with the same layout, so you wouldn’t notice.

And no matter how much careful you are, you still might lose some information. This is why there are websites like Citi, IdentityMonitor, Debix, and Experian that can protect you from identity theft. You can also use any identity protection app like MacAffee, WipeDrive, or MacKeeper etc. If you use these apps, you may have to shell out a little, but you would have peace of mind with the fact that your identity is safe.

Have you ever had any issues with identity theft? What have you done to protect yourself? Try any one of these protection apps and let us know what you think about them.

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