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Automator Application

Automator Application

The application of Automator can be considered as one of the unsung heroes of Mac operating systems. With the help of this application, the user can automate the tasks that require to be performed on a frequent basis thereby, speeding up the workflow of the system. In this aspect, this article will be covering to create a folder which tends to combine a PDF file into one single file when it is dropped within it.

Giving it a start, the first step is to open up the Automator feature from within the Applications folder. As soon as the program is been launched, it will prompt as to what type of the document is to be created. Select the option of Folder Action from within the list. The option of folder action ca be basically considered as scripts that can be associated with a folder so that any item that is being saved within the folder contains all those instructions the user has specify performed on it.


After this step, select as to which folder you would like to be your combining PDF files as one. The usual process is that you have to simply create a blank new folder on to the Desktop to work with and then choose it from within the dialogue box.


Now giving a view on to the panes placed on the left hand side of the Automator window, the user can click on any of the available categories so as to see what actions have been made available. From here the build of action can be selected that will be followed after dropping the PDF’s within the folder. Now add in the below mentioned actions either by double clicking on them from the list or by simply dragging them into the pane on the right of the window.


  • Select PDF and then combine PDF pages.
  • Select Files and folders and select Move Finder items. This option is necessary otherwise Automator will save the files into an unknown location which is very difficult to locate.


Moreover, in this action, the user has to also change the drop down menu to the option of Name Single Item and then specify the basename that the user wants it to be.


After this press the keys Command + S to give it a title and saving it. The process is complete.


Now that the first folder action has been created, there are some aspects that must be known very well. The user can also manage as to on which folders the action has been applied to by simply right clicking or Control clicking on to that particular folder and then selecting Folder Action Setup. This can be used to apply any certain action that has been created to a separate folder or to remove any of the current one. If the option is not displayed within the contextual menu, then go to the System Preferences menu and select the Keyboard and then Keyboard Options after which the Services feature will help you toggle on the feature.


Another aspect to be well informed is default order that the PDF file will be combined in. the default settings is to arrange in an alphabetical order. So, if the user has a preference of using one PDF file over the other to become the first in your newly created file, add some space on the beginning of the file title so as to enforce it to always get itself combined as the first page. This way is also considered as an excellent way to use it as a cover page on PDF’s that are sent quite often.

Now, that a brief description has been placed within the article as to how to use the Automator for the purpose of combining PDF files into one single file, it is highly expected that the efficiency in your workflow is created which will provide a positive effect on to your overall system performance level. Apple has specialized in making several applications which makes the performance of its Macintosh operating system lineup an efficient as well as an effective computer machine and this is rendered as the major reason as to why Mac systems has attained fame than other operating systems worldwide.

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