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AutoCAD WS app for iPad/iPhone – updated (edit offline,open mail attachments)

AutoCAD WS app for iPad/iPhone – updated (edit offline,open mail attachments)

The app AutoCAD WS allows you to work on AutoCAD drawings right on your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. You can use the touch interface of iPhone and iPad, and you can not just view, but even revise and annotate the drawings on iPhone or iPad. Now you can alter the way that you work- you no longer have to carry huge paper drawings. What can be more convenient than this? As you work in the field, you can use your iPhone or iPad, and you don’t have to carry bulky sheets of paper.

There are many features in the latest version:

Offline Editing

Even if you do not have a Wi-Fi connection, or 3G, then also you can work with your drawings. It is best when you are at a place where there is no connection. You can select the option from your AutoCAD WS account to save a local version on to your iPhone or iPad. And when you connect again, AutoCAD WS will sync the offline DWG files and place them correctly on the timeline. You can then download the alterations for your AutoCAD for editing. You can also share it with other people.

Email Attachments

If you get DXF and DWG files in email attachments, you can open them with AutoCAD WS. Of course you will need a connection to download the attachments, but once you save them, you can work offline.


The bottlenecks that created issues in the original release are removed, and the new connectivity is highly improved.

High resolution support

There are now new icons to work on 4 times more pixels of high contrast, high resolution iPhone 4.

Looking for AutoCAD WS? Download it free from the App Store.

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