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Audiobus for iPhone App Review

Audiobus for iPhone App Review

Any iPhone owners with musical ambitions may already be aware of the many different music production apps the market currently has to offer, each one flaunting its own unique way to carry out such an endeavour to varying degrees of success. While they may be lacking a certain something that the traditional recording methods have, you cannot deny how effective they are at making the creative process easier and more accessible, sometimes to the point that you don’t even need to be able to play an instrument to create a song. While we have already seen some impressive apps of this nature, such as Garageband, it can be difficult to know which one is the best to use for your purposes. Fortunately there is a new app available that eliminates the need to make this decision. Audiobus is available now from the App Store for $9.99.

Audiobus is not so much a music studio app in its own right but rather a way to connect different musical apps so that their output can be combined and edited all together. Essentially it is a virtual cable that connects apps in the same way that a real cable would connect instruments to an audio output. As Audiobus itself puts it, it provides an inter-app audio routing system that pulls all the apps together to effectively create a studio within your iPhone.

I may not sound like much but this is in fact a highly innovative recording method that, surprisingly, has not been used on apps before. You could be drumming in one app, while playing guitar, adding various effects and using a metronome to time it all in other apps, all while Audiobus pulls it all together in one place for a single, collected recording. The app keeps track of all the active audio and helps you create the sound you want with it all.

Audiobus already supports many musical apps and that list is constantly getting longer. Compatible apps already available include such greats as JamUp, NLog Synth Pro, Sunrizer and SoundPrism Pro but there are many more to explore. All participating apps will have plug-in support for Audiobus so it is worth checking for this aspect when shopping around for musical apps to use in your recording.

Audiobus lets you designate different apps into specific groups as part of your overall recording and these include Input, Effects and Output. While the difficulty of such a function will ultimately depend on each individual app, Audiobus makes it incredibly easy to combine them and keep track of your sounds. One of the best parts is the fact that you do not need to worry about timing when it comes to synching it all up, all you have to do is play your sounds and let Audiobus do the rest.

Any budding musician should definitely consider Audiobus as it provides an extremely easy method to mix your music and create some decent beats. At just $9.99 it offers excellent value and is much more affordable than using a real studio but the sounds can be just as good.

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