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Ashton Kutcher Gets Emotional Talking About Steve Jobs' During Interview On The Tonight Show

Everyone was keen to jump on the band wagon and go against Ashton Kutcher when it was announced he was going to be Steve Jobs in Jobs the movie but Todays interview on the Tonight Show might have changed a few peoples mind.

“Steve Jobs was the Leonardo Da Vinci of our generation”

Kutcher revealed him self to be a true fan of former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs and got very deep during the interview. Ashton Kutcher went on and said that Steve Jobs was the Leonardo Da Vinci of our generation and how one of his biggest regrets was missing out on a chance of meeting Jobs before his passing.

It seems that it took Jobs’ passing to make Kutcher realise the impact that Jobs had on his everyday life and that he may have taken him for granted, that is when he said he had an emotional moment.

Jobs the movie is set to launch in the U.S on August 16th.


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