Screen Size Quandary of a MacBook Buyer

Apple came with a series of MabBook Air systems last year. When someone goes to buy a MacBook, their major concern is whether they should get 11” screen on 13” one? And would […]

Capturing Screen in High Resolution in OS X

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5 Great Steam Games for Mac Users

The most excellent platform for online games, both single and multiplayer, is Steam, and it is famous for both PC and Mac. Let’s talk about some great Steam  games for Mac. Portal Portal changed […]

Backup 3: Backing It Up Easily [for MobileMe Users]

MobileMe subscribers usually know the fundamentals: emails, contacts, notes and calendars can be synced across various devices. But you might not know a few other things. For example, you may open the iDisk […]

Uninstalling Software From Mac OS X Completely

Uninstalling anything is pretty easy – simply delete that program from Applications folder. You can also use an uninstaller, though it is not required in most cases. However, if you want to uninstall […]

iPad GarageBand – Things To Learn

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Enabling Firewall in Snow Leopard

Internet is the best thing in the world, and we all know it. But with internet, many things have become unsafe. And since we generally don’t think much about security, we mostly ignore […]

Airport Wireless Network and Security

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