Wireless Portable Hard Disk by Seagate

Technology has become very advanced and there are lots of options for everyone these days, but we do keep forgetting that many people have access to slow internet. Though streaming media is great, […]

Email it Later – Postpone Email Delivery

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Bringing your Preferred Websites to Mac Desktop

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Using Evernote- 7 Easy Ways

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MacBook Drowned? Here is What to Do

You should be careful while placing a drink near your system. In case it spills on it, there is a lot that you may have to pay. There will be battery, hard disk, […]

5 Awesome Menu Bar Apps for Free

Menu bar is an important part of OS X- it stays at a chief position on your desktop. While some people like to keep it free, others have a lot of apps there. […]

Mac Troubleshooting Made Easy 2

In our previous post, we discussed Mac troubleshooting. There is so much to discuss that even if we cut it short, it would still take at least two posts, and this is why […]

Turning off the Spotlight

There are many people who do not like working with Spotlight. It uses a lot of processing time and disk space as well. Turning it off will increase your system performance. Plus, turning […]