The Mac Mini Media Center

Having been a massive fan of the AppleTV a number of friends have been pushing me towards the idea of a Mac Mini media server. To date I have fought the idea mostly […]

Civilization IV Gold

Gaming has improved significantly for Mac thanks for companies like Aspyr. Last year we reviewed Call of Duty 4 for Mac that dominated the first person shooter market for most of the year, now […]

Keynote to YouTube

Over the last few years I have tried to move away from the traditional paper handout and explore offering course material in a range of different formats. With Apple Keynote I have offered […]

TV Guide for iPhone

When Apple released the new ‘Remote App‘ for iPhone featuring gesture control of both you computer and AppleTV media libraries I couldn’t help but get excited.

Recording Guitar with Garageband

Anyone who has ever attempted to record music in a home studio via a (simple) four track will know only too well the pain and agony that runs parallel to the process. A […]

Elgato EyeTV Sat

Generally when I get a new gadget or bit of computer tech the excitement rushes a review out within a day or two of using it. This time with the EyeTV Sat I […]

Energy Saving in OSX

Leopard comes with a number of energy saving options built into the operating system. This tutorial will show you how to customise these options and even set your Mac to startup in the morning […]

EyeTV Smart Guides

One of the new features in Elgato’s latest version of EyeTV 3 is a series link style system called ‘Smart Guide’. The system is not only particularly useful but it is also sophisticated […]

Right Click on Mighty Mouse

One of the biggest problems users switching from PC to Mac face is the perceived one button mouse. Daily I see people with crossed arms trying to hold down CTRL and click to […]