My Favourite iPhone Camera App : Camera+

As many of you know I love photography and run my own little personal photoblog over at ( Although I can’t ever envisage the day phone cameras will replace the SLR they are […]

Creative Photography : The Lens Baby

It is one thing to use post production software such as Aperture or Lightroom to enhance the look of your photos but what about getting creative at the point of capture. This morning […]

Tutorial : Using Guitar Rig 4 with Garageband

Having received the very latest Guitar Rig 4 release last week I have been playing and recording at every opportunity. It is amazing just how easy it is to get the power of […]

Film Making Comes to iPhone 4

Last year we marvelled at the quality of High Definition video produced by digital SLR cameras. We produced a “5 Top Tips for better video on a DSLR” but it is hard to […]

My Mac Monday (MMM6) : Christoph Hammann

Hello, my name is Christoph Hammann, I live in Germany. I‘m an ophthalmologist by profession and a photographer by passion. Consequently the main use for my Mac is photography-related. I‘ve been using a […]

iPhone 4 : Whats Missing : Buyers Regret

With literally every big technology launch I’ve been hocked by I find I travel through a emotional roller coaster ride. It begins with the excitement of the launch keynote, moves to a period […]

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