Non Safari Browsers for Your Mac

Safari is a good browser for Mac- it is good looking, it is stable and it is fast. You have heard about Chrome and Firefox, but there are other browsers as well that […]

Stuff to do with New Mac

If you got a new Mac this Christmas then you should know what to do with it. Here are some things that you can do with your new Mac. File transfer If you […]

Apple in 2010

Merry Christmas to everyone !! And there is only one week left till the New Year, so it’s just the right time to put everything we had during 2010 in a nutshell. Apple, […]

Select the Right MacBook for your Needs

Have you ever gone shopping for Macbooks? If no, now is just the right time. They are nicely designed, they are powerful and they are just totally awesome. All these ‘pros’ transfer MacBook […]

Download Youtube Video to Mac for Free

We all face this situation at some point- we see a great YouTube video and we want to show it to others, but all you have is a blotchy net connection. Can you […]

Optimization of Apple Mail

If you want the best mail client for your Mac OS X, then it is certainly Apple’s Mail application. It comes with each Mac, it is free, and it supports about all email […]

Some Vital Tips to Use FaceTime on Mac

FaceTime Mac allows people to video chat with their friends who use a 4th generation iPod touch, or iPhone 4. Though FaceTime Mac is in its beta version, but it is easy to […]

Recover your Lost iTunes Playlists

Oh my god, my iTunes playlist got accidentally deleted!! Seems like a small problem, but when you have all your favorite songs stored in one playlist, it really is hard to consider it […]

Selective Sync Brought To Dropbox

Though it seems like Dropbox has been here forever, but it is relatively new, and it has launched version 1.0 just this week. It is quite a milestone for cloud storage, bringing Windows […]

Keeping iTunes Music in Cloud

Apple still hasn’t introduced an easy way to store music in Cloud for MobileMe users or a subscription for streaming iTunes. But mSpot is a service that will cure this problem. It offers […]