Mac Dictionary – Getting the Most

If you read the title and thought to yourself ‘Mac has a dictionary??’, then the answer is ‘Hell yeah.’ Since this dictionary is embedded in your system, you will find it at various […]

Ripping CDs with the help of iTunes

Though Amazon and Apple would be pleased if you fill the iTunes library with only the music that you buy from Amazon MP3 and iTunes store, but there are high chances that you […]

Mac Official Twitter Application

Mac Twitter is quite a lot like Tweetie, its predecessor- both for iPhone and Mac. There are 2 versions (Tweetie and Twitter) that use the same interface, but Twitter has the look and […]

Get Best Mac Photo Apps for Free

Taking pics sure is fun, but there is more fun in editing and controlling them. Let us discuss some good ways to play with your pics without waiting. With Mac App store, you […]

Switching to Mac from Windows

When you go from Windows to Mac, it is a big thing. While at first you may think that you are in an alien land, but with a little training, it becomes really […]

Mac App Store- What’s in Store for You?

This just in- Apple made an announcement that App Store for Mac is now open for business and there are more than 1000 available apps. To use Mac App Store, you need to […]

The Finder with Special Powers

If you want to improve something, then you need to change it. And you don’t have to make big changes- start with small ones, and larger things will follow. This change could be […]

2010 for Apple – Twelve Days of Christmas

Along with the online drama, keynotes, announcements and rumors, 2010 proved to be an excellent year for Apple. After Christmas, start the twelve days of Christmas. They are coming to the end, so […]

Updated iPhoto

In case you haven’t been updated with the latest news, Apple just updated iPhoto, their famous image management tool, to its latest version – 9.1.1. There are a lot of updates and fixes, […]

Internet TV on Mac- Thanks to MacTVision

MacTVision makes you think about all the extra cash that you pay for your TV stations. And especially with the recent release of much awaited streaming video app by MacTVision, you can get […]