Splitting iTunes Library over Many Locations

Our iTunes collection keeps getting bigger and the free space keeps getting smaller. You can either increase the hard drive space, or divide the iTunes library over multiple locations. The second option seems […]

Get Back Lost Mac App Store Downloads

There are many things that happen to us. Some of those things are pleasant while some are annoying. And then some things are highly frustrating. There are tons of frustrating things, and one […]

Leave Mouse and Gain Speed on Your Mac

There are many reasons why power users work faster on their Macs. And since your fingers are almost always on the keyboard, taking them off to control the mouse requires time. So if […]

Send Thousands of Emails from your Mac

Macs are really productive and efficient. Take an emailing app. Take thousands of email addresses. You will have your own spamming machine. Or let’s say you don’t have malicious intentions. Mac can be […]

Mac Video Coaching for Beginners

Mac newcomers have to learn a lot. You can find many useful tricks and become the master. Let’s learn a few of them. This one is called Learn to Switch to Mac. You […]

Mac Trojan by a Hacker

Proving that Apple is the number one choice for everyone, even hackers, Sophos researchers have found a Trojan horse written for Mac. This Trojan is called Black Hole RAT. (Here RAT means Remote […]

Lion Server – The OS X Lion Mark

The latest version of OS X will be named Lion and released this year. Apple has released a small preview of it, and it comes with a surprise – Mac Lion Server. The […]

Restoring Mac Apps from the Store

Just like how iOS app store goes, the Mac App Store also permits you to again download the stuff you have already bought. And thus you can use the apps with the same […]