Avoid Identity Thefts by Protecting your Privacy

Buying online is simple, but it always has certain risks. There are more risks than just the privacy concern while you are using your credit card to shop online. Risks Your personal details […]

Aperture Update- What’s in Store

If you are an Aperture user, this would be good news for you. Apple released an Aperture 3 update this Tuesday. This update addresses issues related to iPhoto library. Aperture update 3.1.2 offers […]

Browse the Internet Safely and Guard your Privacy

As you browse the Internet, lots of companies leave cookies on your system to follow your activity. There are ISPs, advertisement networks, and search engines etc. that track and analyze your online activity. […]

MacBook v/s iPad2…. Who’s gonna win?

MacBook is the most excellent of the golden PC times. iPad is the modern computing device. Both are comparable to each other and we want to find out which one is the best. […]

Mac Google Reader: Top 5 Apps for Free

RSS is a great thing and it’s getting more famous each day. If you like RSS feeds, then you already know that Google Reader is the best way to sync and manage feeds. […]

Camera Apps Compatible with iPad 2

When you buy the iPad 2, you must check the camera out. For Facetime calls, they are nice and convenient, but they aren’t really great for photography. When you are on iPhone 4, […]

iTunes Home Sharing – Time to Use It!

The rumors came true as iOS 4.3 has been released by Apple. This release was made a couple of days ahead of the schedule and updates are present for iPhone, iPod Touch and […]

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