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Are We Getting an iPhone 5/4S This Year?

Are We Getting an iPhone 5/4S This Year?

WWDC 2011 has come and gone so quickly. We got to see Steve Jobs show off the new Lion operating system for Mac, iOS5 for iDevices and the Cloud. All these things looked great and I am sure a lot of people are looking forward to using them all (because I know I am!). However there are many people concerned about the one thing that thousands were dying to see at WWDC: The iPhone 5.

Apple, since 2007, have stuck to a yearly release of the iPhone and have not been shy about showing the soon-to-be-released products off at WWDC (around about a month before they are due to hit the shelves). There were doubts about any hardware being featured this year at WWDC because it said that it would be a ‘software only’ conference. However there were a few people who were hoping for it to appear as a surprise. It didn’t. Even before the conference there were rumours that the iPhone would not be released until September this year. Now I am not so sure if these will be accurate. This is because the public release of iOS 5 is due around ‘Fall’ (or Autumn, as the British call it). So if the operating system has been announced with the same deadline as is rumored with the iPhone, why was the new device not mentioned? This could be because they haven’t finished it yet. If they haven’t announced the new device then there won’t be disappointment if it is later than expected. It could be that they are still perfecting it; they couldn’t have shown off a half-finished device at a conference that would be viewed by multiple-thousands of people. It would be unprofessional.

I think that Apple needs to be careful about when releasing their devices because it will be June/July when most people will be renewing their iPhone contracts. If there isn’t a device to upgrade to, then people might find themselves looking into Android phones. Especially people with the iPhone 3GS with 24 month contracts, they will definitely want to upgrade their phones. I think it is mainly because when you don’t have the latest phone from Apple, you feel inferior because you always want the best (maybe excluding the iPhone 4 because of its antenna problems[iPhone 5/4S would hopefully have that fixed]). Also Apple sometimes restricts the older model owners by excluding them from getting some of their awesome features in their updates. I remember when iOS 4.2 had 17 new ringtones coming and it was iPhone 4 exclusive. iPhone 3G/S users (me included), were shocked and confused at how Apple could have left us out on something so minor, but so important. Also the iMovie app is iPhone 4 (and iPod touch 4) exclusive. Apple claim that it is because the CPU in other models cannot handle the app and would cause crashing; however, it has been proven that it works perfectly when using the app on a jailbroken iPhone.

Reasons like this mean that as soon as people with an old model can upgrade, they will feel they have to upgrade to keep the decent things in the updates. People aren’t going to want to upgrade to the iPhone 4 because they will be treated in the same way as when they had a 3GS, when the iPhone 5 finally does come out.

There might be fair reasons to delay it though. There are rumours that Apple are waiting for AT&T’s 4G service to be released before they start selling the new iPhones. They might also be going further in-depth with testing. We all know Apple wouldn’t want a mistake like what happened with the iPhone 4: a loss of signal when you touched certain parts of the phone. That was embarrassing!

There are rumours from ‘anonymous’ sources that say it will be released in September, but give no reason to why it is hasn’t been announced yet (so don’t build your hopes up!).

There are rumours that if it is an iPhone 4S they will slightly modify the case by putting an aluminium back on it to replace the iPhone 4’s glass design that broke when dropped. I am looking forward to see if this is true because I like the iPhone 2G’s case; the aluminium protects it more because we all know we can be clumsy with our phones and let’s face it, glass doesn’t look great after you’ve dropped it on a hard granite floor.

There are also rumours that the iphone will have a bigger screen by taking away the black border; so the actual phone doesn’t have to be made bigger. I don’t like this idea. I think the black trim at the side makes the phone look neater and if the sides are removed, the black border should be taken away above and below by increasing the screen vertically too. This would mean the speaker, FaceTime camera, autobrightness sensors and the menu button will need to be moved. I think this will not be done if the 5th iPhone turns out to be the 4S because it will be a completely different design. Although there are some rumours that Apple are moving the LED light to the other side to reduce red-eye; however, since iOS 5 has a red-eye remover in the camera app that might have been scrapped.

There are sources that have said that the menu button might be moved though, perhaps to the side of the phone or removed completely. I don’t know why Apple would do this though because without that button with a random square, it wouldn’t be an iPhone anymore.

Let’s just wait and see what happens and we can judge the iPhone 5 for what it is then because it is hard to argue with unofficial rumours. Apple will explain it when it happens. Hopefully we won’t have to wait till WWDC 2012 to see it for the first time.

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