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Apple’s Latest iPhone – 4S

Apple's Latest iPhone – 4S

The iPhone has been around for several years and it has been one of those turning points in the world. The iPhone brought a new era with it. This was something that almost everyone wanted to have. Many might say that iPhone is still the best touch screen phone and Apple is continuously trying to release new versions to stay competitive with the recent rivals Samsung and HTC. Samsung has released its magnificent Galaxy series and HTC has released several amazing phones including Desire HD. These companies are trying to get that vital percentage of market share that Apple has from the beginning. However, die hard iPhone fans are never going to switch from iPhone to any other brand. Recently, the iPhone 4S was announced. It disappointed millions of iPhone users are they were waiting for the iPhone 5. 4S is somewhat similar to iPhone 4 and the looks are exactly the same as iPhone 4. However, there are several features that make the iPhone 4S worth buying.

One of the most anticipated things has been done, i.e. switching from a 5 megapixel to an 8 megapixel camera. This is why many people might want to switch to iPhone 4S. Since the beginning, iPhone had one of the best cameras in the market and now it’s improved to an 8 megapixel camera. Also, another feature is that the iPhone 4S supports shooting and playing 1080p videos. This was the feature that many users were waiting for and has finally arrived. One of the other features is that iPhone 4S uses the dual-core A5 chip that is also used in the iPad 2. Hence, this is going to result in a faster performance


The design of the iPhone 4S is exactly the same as iPhone 4. Apple did not change any physical appearance in the new Smartphone. A lot of users are disappointed at this, however, the appearance is still pretty good for some of the users as it is still the thinnest Smartphone in the world.


The performance in the new iPhone is almost the double of what iPhone 4 was offering. Many reviews show that the internet download and upload speed has also increased. The sole reason is that Apple has used the A5 chipset in the 4S which used in iPad 2. Thus, iPhone 4S is a lot faster than the previous one. Performance has been the main thing that has been worked on in 4S and not many are disappointed with the results.

The Siri Application

Siri is one of the new features in iPhone 4S and this is one of the favorite features of many iPhone users. Basically, this is a voice command applications but is a next generation app. A lot of people are familiar with voice recognition in Smartphone but Siri is the next generation voice recognition application and can understand everything. It can respond to almost any question and understands slang language as well. The way this works is when you say something; Siri quickly goes through the entire phone to answer it or looks for answers online in the database. You can literally get an answer of almost everything. For example, you can say “I want to eat Chinese” and Siri can display all the nearby Chinese restaurants so it can understand and answer every question. This application is the favorite of many iPhone 4S users.

Improved Connectivity

This is another new feature in the iPhone 4S. Apple has changed the antenna system and there are 2 antennas present in the phone for catching signals. The phone automatically switches to another antenna to get a better network signal.

iOS 5

The new iPhone 4S runs on the newest iOS 5 and has several software additions. One of these is the iMessage feature where users can send an unlimited number of messages to fellow iPhone users and videos and pictures can be sent through the iMessage feature.

Battery Life

This is one of the cons about the new iPhone. Battery life has decreased in the new 4S compared to the previous iPhone 4. The battery offers less talk time from 300 hours to 200 hours. This might be the result of the new A5 chip.

IPhone 4S was a big step in taken by Apple but it is not what most people were hoping for. It has several new features but looks exactly like the same and doesn’t even use the 4G technology as yet.

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