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Apple’s FY2012 Q1 Earnings Call Simplified –

Apple's FY2012 Q1 Earnings Call Simplified

Earlier this evening we covered Apple’s FY2012 Q1 Earnings Call and believe me it was really difficult to keep up with all the numbers so we have simplified the information from the call and put it into a bullet pointed list below.

In Q1 Apple –

  • Sold 15.4 million iPods
  • Sold 15.43 million iPads
  • Made $46.33 billion in revenue
  • Made $13.06 billion net profit
  • Sold 37.04 million iPhones
  • Sold 5.2 million Macs
  • Have 170,000 iPad specific apps available
  •  Gained 3 million downloads of iTunes U app
  • Made $4 billion from App store revenue
  • Got over 100 million apps downloaded from the Mac app store

Want to look over our coverage of the live event CLICK HERE

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