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Apples Financial Performance In 2011

Apple's Financial Performance In 2011

For those who consider the world of corporate finance is recommended to spend some time in reading the financial reports of Apple of the previous year. In this era, where the economic uncertainty exists, Apple Inc. and its product lineup of tablets, smartphones computers and other gadgets has wrapped up another banner year.

The financial highlights of Apple after the passing of the year now pose a tremendous situation so as to contemplate that the new CEO, Tim Cook, can maintain the momentum in the New Year.

Happy Holidays

The fiscal year of the company starts in the month of October which eventually means that the company has only past three months as its new year. Moreover, it also means that the first quarter of the company also involves the holiday season which is a very important time period for Apple and its related products. In order to determine the exact position of Apple during the holiday session, we have to wait a bit more but if it is something like the last year, then Apple is sure to get a head start in 2012. The reported sale of the company’s product line was $26.74 billion having a net profit of $6 billion.

The largest portion of the holiday sales can be attributed to the iOS devices. In the last season of holidays, the total sales amounted to 7.33 million iPad units which were nearly equal to what Apple sold in the whole year.

Mac Records

The sales reported from Mac operating systems also bolstered the confidence of the company a lot. In the first as well as the fourth quarter of 2011, Apple had sold out a record number of Mac units. The sales of Mac operating units are increasing steadily in the time when other PC manufacturers are struggling hard to simply maintain a single digit growth rate. The example of the last quarter of Apple can be considered when the company made quarterly record sales of Mac systems by selling out 4.89 million Mac sets. The jump of 36 percent in the sales from the quarter year ago was can be calculated to be six times of the growth rate that has been forecasted for the overall market of computers. As a matter of fact, throughout 2011, the Mac systems of Apple managed to maintain a consistent performance in the entire PC market.

The reason behind this spectacular performance can indeed be attributed to a single word: Portables. The laptop lineup of Apple experiences a continuous up gradation such as the introduction of Thunderbolt to the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro which appealed a lot to its consumers. The sales generated from portables account for 70 percent of the entire Mac sales in the last quarter which means that from every four Mac systems, Apple sold out one portable.

What’s Next?

The company has planned to enter into 2012 with several stumbling blocks on to the horizon. The iOS devices of the company have thrived a lot but the market share of iPhones and iPads are also expected to gain a lot.

On the other hand, the folds in Thailand will have an adverse affect on the supply of hard drives which can impose a strain on all the PC manufacturers including Apple. However, the performance of the company will be figured out soon when the figures of the first quarter will be released in the next three weeks.

So far, Apple seems to be confident in its capability to keep on its growth particularly on the front of the iPhones. With the release of iPhone 4S in October, Apple is seeing a promising quarter for its smartphones business. It is also known that Apple sold out about 4 million iPhone 4S units on the opening weekend of sales.

Apple has also retained a lot of liquid cash at its disposal. Apple ended the year with $81.6 billion in cash as well as in short-term investments. Moreover, it is also expected that Apple will payout dividends to its shareholders which will be an act which has not be performed out for nearly a two decades.

Tim Cook is very much satisfied with the product pipeline of Apple and the team has also contributed a lot towards the cause. However, most of the good part can be accredited to Steve Jobs who will be missed forever.

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