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AppleFanSite Predicts Features Of The iPhone 6

With the iPhone 6 predicted to hit the shelves within a month, we predict exactly what we think will feature in the new iPhone

Larger Screens

When. It comes to screen size, its one of the most important things on a phone. It lets you watch videos, play games and do all the jobs you need to do during the day.

We predict that the iPhone 6 will feature two models and their screen sizes will be 4.7 and 5.5 respectively.

New Processor

With a new iPhone comes a new broad range of applications and soon, iOS 8 which will require the ever present demand for more power and this will be deliver by, we predict, the new Apple 8X proses sir.

Improved Home Button

We predict that several new upgrades are coming for the iPhone 6 home button including more stable glass covering the button and upgrades to the Tough ID sensor providing enhanced security.


Apple is planning one of the biggest iOS releases ever and today we are going out on a limb and predicting that the iPhone 6 will feature iOS 8 as standard on all models, with the upgrade coming to other phones and tablets within weeks.

Beats Compatibility

Apples acquisition of beats means there is a new line of products that will be compatible with all new apple devices in the future and we predict that the Apple iPhone will be at least compatible with beats headphones and possibly feature a separate connector for them.

Upgraded Camera

We predict that the iPhone 6 will feature an upgraded front facing camera that will protrude slightly from the case and we also predict that this camera will have a megapixel range of 13MP.

Cheaper iPhone 6 ?

This ones a long shot however the 4.7 inch model has the chance of being a version of the iPhone 5c which launched last year and allowed users the option of having an iPhone for a much cheaper price. It’s currently unknown if a cheaper iPhone 6 version is planned however.

Aluminium Chassis and Sapphire Display

We predict that the iPhone 6 will feature an aluminium chassis instead of a glass one and will also feature an upgraded screen and the much anticipated sapphire display to prevent scratch marks and cracks.

Slightly Improved Battery Life

No rumours on this one as of yet but we estimate there’s a good chance that iPhone 6 battery will be improved to compensate for the larger screen and upgraded processor.

Are you excited for this coming Septembers announcement? Then tune into our live coverage of the event when it’s announced soon.

MacReviews is the largest Apple Fan Based website in the United Kingdom and covers all major events and new product releases.  

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