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Apple vs. Microsoft: Two Opposite Approaches To Building An OS

Apple vs. Microsoft: Two Opposite Approaches To Building An OS

Apple and Microsoft are the creators of the three most famous operating systems of the world – Mac OS X, iOS and Windows. However, their approach to manufacture the infrastructure which has the ability to provide power to tablets, laptops and phones cannot be as different as now.

A recent blog post by Microsoft has announced some issues that were faced by developers preview users of Windows 8 has with the startup screen.  The designated team of Windows 8, tackled the complain in a very specific manner that the start screen of Windows 8 which makes use of the metro interface as its app style as is not very much effective in the organization of apps and also cannot display enough apps on the screen from its original display of 20 apps. The team of Microsoft straight got into the UX issues within the start menu and even the calculating of how many applications can theoretically fit within one display over distinct resolutions of the monitor under Windows 8 operating system.

However, in the end of the whole scene, Microsoft had to confess that the users opinion about the start up screen of Windows 8. For this to rectify, the team has formulated two important changes within it. Firstly, it includes the support of folder style organization of all the applications and secondly, the Microsoft has decided to make the start screen denser which will result that more and more apps can be adjusted on the screen.

The approach of Apple for the development of operating systems

The approach adopted by Microsoft Inc. is quite different from the approach of Apple in its development of Mac operating systems. The main element of Apple is that it keeps all news secret until they are polished out to be perfect. The company does not have a habit about publishing of statistic details as to how the product is being used by the people and drastic changes within its products simply on the basis of customer feedback.

It is simply an approach which has turned out to be perfect for apple. Another major aspect for this much development of the Mac operating systems can be rendered to Steve Jobs and his entire team which had the ability to develop products and such features which came out to be exceptionally useful for Mac users even when they are not aware that they really are in need of such an application.

Steve Jobs further said in an interview to Business Week in the year 1998 that it is really hard to design an application to perfection through focus group method. He also added that many a times people does not even know what they want until it is shown to them.

This is a major reason why an Apple blog discussing about the behavior of the consumer in iOS is not made available. This is also the way why Apple provides with its software developers only a couple of months to operate with the latest versions of Mac OS X before they are eventually allowed to get released to public. The act of Microsoft, under such circumstances, is that it tends to deliver the release of a new application version of Windows to its developers an year before the official release of the application for Windows users.

Comparing the success rate of both the operating systems, it can be summarized that both companies are experiencing great success with their operating systems. Windows is considered as the most popular operating system worldwide, whereas, on the other hand, Apple has also gained tremendous market share with its iPads, iPhones and now the Mac OS X.  but, the main area of interest is what will happen when both the rivals will come head to head as Microsoft has planned to war against Mac iPads and its latest weapon for this battle is its latest version of Windows, windows 8.

The questions of whether Microsoft’s philosophy to develop operating systems and its attempt to trump the Apple approach will work or not? This question is still unanswered but one thing is for sure that the fireworks of the opening ceremony have begun. Let’s see who will win the battle of becoming the world’s best operating system developer.

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