Apple Launch CNBC and Fox Now Channels On Apple TV

Apple has launched several new TV channels to its Apple TV service including Fox Now and CNBC channels.   Apple has today launched several brand spanking new TV channels to its Apple TV range […]

New Apple TV Expected In April ?

It looks like the time is becoming closer for when Apple will announce the next generation Apple TV. Recent rumours are now suggesting we will see Apple unveil the new Apple TV this […]

New Apple TV Coming Next Month

New Apple TV hardware could be coming as soon as next month according to MG Seigler. At the begging of September multiple reports did suggest that we would see Apple release a new Apple […]

Apple Does Have A “Grand Vision” For The Apple TV

At todays D11 conference Apple CEO, Tim Cook revealed that Apple does have a ‘grand vision’ for the Apple TV when quizzed by Kara Swisher. We asked about the Apple TV, Cook replied: I don’t want to […]

Netflix User Profile Feature Available On Apple TV

Twitter reports have come into to suggest Netflix have activated User Profiles on Apple TV and other platforms. This means we can be seeing personalised recommendations on one account. This report has come […]

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