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Apple TV Event Set For March, With Release In September ?

Apple TV Event Set For 03ch, With Release In 09tember ?

Rumours and speculation about Apple release a TV have been flying around the internet for years but the most recent suggest that we may see the rumours come to an end in March

The most recent rumour suggests that Apple is planning to hold an event in March which will be focused on the Apple TV. Do not get excited just yet as this could be a refresh to the current Apple TV but is that enough for Apple to hold a specific event for ?

The rumoured come from Jefferies analyst Peter Misek who also said that the event in March will most likely see the Apple TV SDK Released to developers and this could lead to a October / September release to the public.

We have heard plenty of dates for the Apple TV in the last 12 months and none have proven to be true so we will have to wait for the invitations to be sent out.

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