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Apple to Release New iPod Nano, New iPod Touch, Tweaked iPod Shuffle

Apple to Release New iPod Nano, New iPod Touch and Tweaked iPod Shuffle

It looks like September 12th just got a whole lot bigger!

There have been reports recently that some new products are set to line up againsed the iPhone 5 at this Wednesday’s coming keynote.Reports now suggest that Apple will probably release a New iPod Touch, New iPod Nano and a tweaked iPod Shuffle… thats a lot of “NEW’s” and we like that!

The new iPod Shuffle is expected to remain at around $49, with eight colors, and possibly a 32GB or 64GB versions, but do not expect any MAJOR changes to this device! While we are unsure of current technical specifications regarding the New iPod Nano, we are expecting to see some internal changes to this device!  Last years Model was the same as the 2010 version and this years model seems to have an updated Code-name!

There is also Rumors that this device will come in eight colors and there is talk that it will remain at the same price as Apple’s highest price Nano  “the 16GB player for $169″; One thing that is very interesting this month is that of the new iPod touch!

2 New iPod Touch Models Out this Month?

Its reported that while the fourth generation design will be the same for the lower of the 3 priced models, there is a distinct possibility that Apple are fully redesigning the top 2 tier priced models for revealing on the 12th September alongside the iPhone 5.

There is speculation that the entry level device could have a smaller dock connector, new packaging or iOS 6 Pre-Installed at the factory!  There could even be a slight increase on the base storage of the device!

Information has also come out that there will be 2 new iPod devices priced at $299 and $399 (iPod Touches perhaps?) but it is still unclear on the storage size of these devices!

New colors could also be planned for these devices which would be a breath of fresh air from the White and Black as is the norm for these devices!

Whetever the speculation it is clear that September the 12th 2012 is going to be a day that not many Apple fans will forget!

Have any news or information?  Please e-mail or send a PM to @MacReviews on twitter and we will get back to you!

We have FULL COVERAGE of the iPhone 5 Live Event and other Apple events Here and on Youtube

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