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Apple To Refund 'Breaking Bad' Season Pass Buyers

Apple To Refund ‘Breaking Bad' Season Pass Buyers

Apple is expected to refund iTunes users who purchased and downloaded the final 16 episodes of the hit TV show ‘Breaking Bad’.

Customers who used the Season Pass option to download the last 16 episodes of Breaking Bad will be issued a refund over their purchase as Apple have apparently billed them for 2 separate seasons of the show. Apple listed the final episodes as a 2 part series, when, in reality the season was aired as a whole, meaning that those who wanted to see the end of the season had to pay twice the price for that privilege.

This immediately sparked controversy among fans and a class action suit was filed against Apple, who as it turns out, were not at actually fault for all the confusion caused. It was originally AMC Network’s idea to publish the season under 2 names.

Apple has sent everyone who payed twice for the final season of Breaking Bad an email, giving them an iTunes voucher code worth $22.99 (roughly ?14) to spend on whatever content they like, wether it be to download Breaking Bad again, or maybe to finally buy that very expensive app you’ve always had your eye on.

SourceiTunes for Mac OS X

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