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Apple Stores Prepare For Three New Products On Two Separate Dates

Apple Stores Prepare For Three New Products On Two 09arate Dates

The September 10th Apple event is fast approaching and more news has begun to leak about what may be coming for fans of Apple in the next few weeks.

Sources close to the mobile phone industry have told The Telegraph that several nationwide shops and Apple stores will now display three products in their windows instead of the current two Apple products.

There are any number of reasons why this may have been implemented, however the suggestion that there will be two different deliveries means that its a sure sign that we may now see up to three products possibly on September 10th or on two different reveal dates.

Apple have not yet sent out any dates to the press regarding a reveal, but there is chatter in the industry that these invitations could come as early as tomorrow.

There is also information to suggest that Apple will be launching the new iPhone’s in Gold and Champagne along with the iPhone 5C cheaper version.

This coupled with the recent launch of the Apple trade-in program and the new iOS 7 platform, along with no more reveal dates up and through Christmas, means that this event could be one of the biggest ever for the Apple Corporation.

As always, MacReviews will be keeping you up-to-date with all the latest information that comes out of San Francisco and other places around the globe, with our Live video coverage, Live blog and informative articles on September 10th and the following days.


SourceThe Telegraph

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