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Apple Store Down as Tim Cook Talks Numbers on Apples Success

Apple Store Down as Tim Cook Talks Numbers on Apple Success

With Tim Cook Live On-Stage at Apples WWDC 2013 Keynote, we are getting an insight to the numbers which Apple have been looking at and we have also noticed that the Apple Store is currently down with new hardware expected to be announced later this morning.

Tim Cook has been discussing some of the companies latest achievements over the past year and this includes some of the following :

-6 Million registered developers, 1.5M in last year

-WWDC sold out in 71 seconds

-1 daily visitors at Apple retail

-Millions of customers come for personal training

-407 stores in 14 countries

-50 billion apps

-900,000 apps (93% downloaded each month)

-375k iPad apps

-575,000,000 store accounts (more accounts with credit cards than any store online)

-paid developers 10 billion (3 times more than all other mobile platforms combined)

We will have more info as it comes out live from WWDC 2013…
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