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Apple Shares Cross $700 For the First Time!

Apple Shares Cross $700 In After Hours Trading

Well its another record breaking day for Apple, or should we say AAPL.  The California company’s shares today crossed the $700 mark in after hours trading.  This followed the share price opening at $699 earlier today and finishing at $699 after a late rally.

Apple’s stock price took a giant leap after the keynote of the highly anticipated iPhone 5 which took place on September 12th and it has kept on going up and up since the event finished.

Investors believe that apple’s products are still leading the way in the market and that is why the stock continues to soar into the heavens, not to mention the fact that apple is of course still the world’s most valuable company

Apple’s shares Previously hit a record high of $694.61 set on September 16th 2012

The stocks closed at $699.80 and are currently recommended as a “Strong Buy” or a “Buy”

It looks like today is once again, a good day to go make a few $million, and go buy some AAPL shares!

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