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Apple Seeks To Protect Dropped iPhones

Apple Seeks To Protect Dropped iPhone and iPad's

With today’s devices becoming more and more complex, and damaged devices such as the iPhone 5, becoming more costly to repair, Apple are seeking to find a way to automatically protect your device if you accidentally drop it on a hard surface.

Within the last week MacReviews has learned that Apple have applied to the US Patent and Trademark Office, offering several solutions on how they might be going about adding anti-drop protection to some of their devices including iPhone’s and iPads.

The device would possibly include some sort of detection method or a gyroscope feature that would automatically detect when a phone was in “free-fall” and adjust the path of flight so that the most toughened part of the device took the impact.

This could be done in a number of ways after sending the devices processor a message, including, ejecting the battery shifting the center of gravity and even an automatic flip system to make sure the screen does not take the brunt of the impact.

The method may include detecting a free-fall of the device by a sensor.  Then determining via at least one sensor, an orientation of the device.  After orientation of the device has been determined, estimating an impact area of the device.  Then, selectively changing the orientation of the device via a protective mechanism, depending on the estimated impact area of the device”.

Another option being considered, is that of an aerofoil system that would shift the phones center of mass allowing it to land in a different way that it would have done without the protection system installed.

Its understood that the patents were filed way back in 2011 and currently there is no way to tell if they will be used in future concepts or actual product development.

We will bring you the latest information on the protection systems and other news on every aspect of new Apple devices, and you can follow our Twitter feed for the latest news.

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