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Apple Seeking Renewable Energy For Its Power Requirements

Apple Seeking Renewable Energy For Its Power Requirements

Apple are looking for new and unique renewable energy methods that are needed to power its ever growing business and drive down costs.

The company is competing with several other technology companies to be the first to implement advanced renewable energy and put traditional energy suppliers behind them.

Currently, one of Apple’s data centre’s in North Carolina runs on entirely clean energy which is supplied by its own custom made 400,000 square foot solar array.

Lisa Jackson, Apples Vice President of environmental initiatives, told media outlets; 

“It’s business and it’s also the right thing to do. A data centre is really just about energy,” she said.

“The energy to run the servers inside, the energy to cool the servers. For us, it’s about knowing we have a stable and reliable source of electricity, at a stable price.

“More than the pay-off on paper is the knowledge that we control this power supply.”

The company’s energy demands have soared over the last decade, and by 2020 the carbon trust estimates that the technology industry’s global carbon footprint will have tripled from its 2002 level, to 1.4bn tonnes of CO2.

The biggest rise for energy supplies is the need for more and more data-centres that feul the billions of iMassages and millions of face-time calls that happen on a daily basis, as well as sending and receiving e-mails.

The company has several options it can look at including both Wind and Solar power, and luckily for them, the cost of building these power plants is of little concern with the company’s vast wealth.

With Gas and Electricity becoming more and more expensite, the main threat is to the big energy suppliers, who will be loosing out as Apple and the other big technology firms look elsewhere to get their juice.

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