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Apple Roars Like a Lion

Apple Roars Like a Lion

As the amount of Mac operating systems are rapidly increasing around workplaces and in homes also, the sales of the enterprise has also seen an incredible increase of 43 percent that was recorded in the third quarter of the ongoing year. It would be very soon, when the IT professionals of all fields will be proficient in using not only PC’s but also the Mac operating systems. However, the management of both Mac and PC’s can be every challenging task and the release of the latest version, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion has made things more complicated but, that is for the better.

Considering that the server of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion only costs only a small percentage of what was offered three years ago in Snow Leopard which was priced to be $999 as compared to the $50 of the Lion Server which makes it even more appealing for both the consumers as well as for enterprises.

In order to provide some guidance and making it simple and easy, some tools of the latest version is being compiled in this article which will be helpful in managing the Lion Server well.

Active Directory

The feature of Active Directory can be considered as a leading directory service within all operating systems environment including Mac. It has turned out to be very essential for the efficient management of the tasks of the enterprise from generalizing board updates to the forming of group policies. The hold of this feature on Apple is very strong and the Directory Service in Macs is named as Open Directory. It can be easily accessed through the users and Group preferences pane within the Mac OS X Lion Server.

The Active Directory feature of Apple Mac has a plug-in architecture. From this, the third parties are enabled to create applications for additional functionality than what is already offered by Apple in its every Macintosh OS release.

Where Apple has gaps, several of the third party developers are working to fill in the gap for the enterprises. Although, no exact attention is being called to the issue of improvements Apple serves in its application of Active Directory support but they were definitely there. On an overall basis, adding Mac systems within the active Directory can be fairly easy to do.

Profile Manager

The feature of Profile Manager is a new introduction in the Lion Server which helps in managing the iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones. This feature works independently from Managed Preferences. When the policies are being upgraded, the system of push notification by Apple alerts all the enrolled devices so as to get the update downloaded on the system. Only one thing is to be remembered that the feature of Profile Manager can be only operated on the Lion Server and not on any older Mac version. So, if any enterprise has a stance to provide with the employees iPhones and iPads, making use of the Profile Manager accompanied with an updated Mac operating system will be the best combination.

Apple Remote Desktop

When it is talked about the cream of the crop in terms of Mac management, the application of Apple Remote Desktop is worth mentionable. Below mentioned features of Remote Desktop will rightfully support the statement.

  • Dashboard Widget provides an overview of the remote computers within the network.
  • Curtain Mode feature hides all the actions from the end user while maintaining complete control of the screen.
  • AutoInstall has been designed to stage applications to be installed on mobile, remote or offline systems.
  • System Status Indicator is very easy to identify colored indicators which display the status of the operating system in your network.
  • Remote Drag and drop feature has been formulated for the easy and quick movement between your operating system to other remote computers.
  • Smart Computer List generates a list of rules so as to customize how the user maintains track of Mac operating systems.
  • Application Usage Report maintains a level of compliance with all the agreements of software licenses and upgrades them with the inside views of applications.

The latest offering of Apple in its product line of Macintosh operating systems, it should be said that it has bought a great new revolution within the environment of operating units which offers high functionality within the enterprise.

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