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To some people, the Apple store is just a store. It’s a place where you go to browse the latest Mac products and even test out a device or two. It’s the place where you buy accessories for your devices, and where you can go to get them fixed. It’s where you buy your new iPad or MacBook. If you look at the Apple retail store like this then it’s the same as any other store. But Apple is different than every other company and their stores are different than every other retail store. The Apple store is an experience for every step of your mac journey and even a few that you didn’t know about.

Apple stores are big about becoming number one with customer service, but they knew that they couldn’t use the old model of retail if they wanted to move ahead. What you see when you enter an Apple store is a community that is based around the love and respect for the Apple products and devices.

One of the main differences between an Apple store and every other retail outlet is the workshops. Learning about a new product or device on your own is fun, but sometimes it can be quite painful and even scary if you accidentally do something wrong. Apple stores all around the world run hundreds of different workshops for every stage of the mac life cycle. The getting started classes focus on introducing and setting up new devices and programs. Getting started with a Mac is the first class that every new mac user should take. This is a basic class that helps you to do everything from start up and load your new mac to organising events and adding people to your contacts. Other getting started classes include getting started with the iPad 2 and OS X Lion.

The getting started classes are in groups and cover a wide variety of basics that teach a new mac user the skills to put to use in other applications and scenarios down the line. One on One classes are more in depth work with a personal mac assistant. One to One begins with transferring all of your data from your old computer or device over to your new product and then setting it up exactly how you like it. One to One classes then range of step by step teaching covering the basics in a personal setting to classes on web design or movie making. One on One workshops then move to more advanced classes in a wide variety of subjects and applications.

The One on One movie making classes begin with choosing the right camera and using iMovie to edit films all the way to using the professional software Final Cut Pro and Express and using state of the art colouring and editing tools to make your movie look like it was made in a professional editing studio.

The One on One workshops aren’t all fun and games, although the learning process is quite interesting and interactive. As time passes you may want to enhance your skills in a group setting with the small class learning the same subject. Web design workshops start with the basics and then move to more professional looking designs to help you to launch your website live. Small business owners and students alike adore these classes because they help you to create a website that shows off the best of yourself or your business. The iWorks workshops go through the iWorks catalogue and teach you how to open a Pages document and write a letter through to keeping track of your finances and schedules.

Apple is also helping to spread creativity and the love of arts to students and children with the movie making camp. Children under 13 come along to the store and are taught the basics of filmmaking along with editing and shooting. At the end of the camp the children present their work to parents and other students and get a copy of their film to show off to everyone.

The Apple team prides itself on being different to every other retail store in the world. Many of the workshops and classes are free and participants are encouraged to bring in their own devices. The trainers and teachers of these classes are focused on teaching rather than selling so you won’t be bombarded with sales pitches and advertorials about Apple products and designs.

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