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Apple Removes “Bang With Friends” From the App Store

Apple Removes Bang With Friends From the App Store

If your wondering what the application bang with friends includes, you may be surprised to learn that it actually does not contain any sexually explicit content.

The app, does however, suggest a more adult themed app than you would let the average under 17 year old explore on the app store, and, with a picture of a rather semi-naked young lady on the front cover, is not surprising why Apple have pulled the App from the iTunes store.

The application has not yet been returned to the app store but we have word that they are in contact with apple and are trying to get back onto the app store as soon as possible.

While we are confident that “bang with friends” will make it back on to the app store with a more appropriate front cover, we are suprised that they originally made it onto the platform with such an indecent image.

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