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Apple Releases iTunes 10.5.1 With Public Launch Of iTunes Match

This Monday, Apple proudly released the iTunes 10.5.1 making it the first ever time in which the Mac users can gain access to the new $24.99 per year service of iTunes Match.

The latest version iTunes is now made available for installation on both Mac operating systems and Microsoft Windows. At the time of the installation, the users can also have access to the iTunes Match service from where the ability to subscribe and receive re-downloadable songs into other Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads can be obtained.

Moreover, after the subscription to the iTunes 10.5.1, Mac users can also subscribe to iTunes Match via the music store of the iTunes. Over there, a link is displayed on the right hand side of the screen where the option of iTunes match is highlighted under a blue colored icon which is labeled as ‘new’.

The service of iTunes Match allows its users with the benefit of integrating iTunes in the Cloud with those songs which were not bought from the iTunes previously. The built f it is in the application of  iTunes as well as the music program on other iOS devices and allows the users to save all the collection of songs they have which is inclusive of those songs and music which has been imported from a CD or has been bought from a place other than the iTunes store.

The application of iTunes 10.5.1 has been functioned to determine which of the songs that are present in the collection of the user is made available on the iTunes Music Store. All those songs which have a match to the songs list will be automatically added into the Cloud. The best part of the application is that all these and several other services are provided by this Mac app at a cost of only $24.99.

Now for those songs which does not match the list of the songs are automatically uploaded thereby, allowing the users to gain access to their complete collection  and includes all those contents that might not be made available for purchase on the iTunes store.

When the music library of a user is uploaded and matched up with the Cloud application, it can also be re-downloaded on the other installed devices at the go. The company has also designed it to provide the ability to the users for upgrading their songs to the 256 Kbps AAC DRM- free quality programs even if the quality of the original copy is of lower standard.

The releasing of iTunes 10.5.1 publicly came out only after a few days when Apple gave to its developers a third beta of the application. Prior to the public release of the iTunes Match, developers have been testing it privately.

Although, the application is here in the market, but, the official launch was planned a few weeks earlier as it was promised by the Apple Inc. to release on the end of October. But, during the beta testing process, the iTunes match had several issues in the procedure of scanning and matching the library of the user’s which made Apple to conduct several rests in order to flush out these flaws.

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