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Apple releases Flashback malware killer

Two days after Apple promised to create a tool that will kill the Flashback malware on infected Macs,on Thursday the company officially released it.
Yesterday’s latest Mac OS X Java update includes a tool that will “eliminate the most common variants of the Flashback malware”,Apple’s advisory stated.

On Tuesday,for the first time Apple officially stated that Flashback malware exploited Java vulnerabilities to infect more than 600,000 Macs.That same day they promised two create a detect-and-delete tool that would eliminate the virus from the infected machines.

Apple beat its last year’s record when it took them one week to come up with a similar tool,designed to remove MacDefender(fake security software).
Yesterday’s update disables automatic execution of Java applets in the Java browser plug-in as well.The exploit Flashback used to infect Macs was hidden inside a malicious Java applet hosted on compromised websites.
The main reason why Flashback was able to affect so many Macs was because the Java plug-in automatically opened the offered applet.So now,Apple’s move is disabling Java,the advice majority security experts have suggested to users.
Users can bypass Java’s new off-by-default setting by configuring Java’s preferences.But even then,Apple will intrude &#8211- the Java browser plug-in and Java Web Start are deactivated if they’re not used for more than 35 days.
Java Web Start is an Oracle technology that lets users launch a Java app from within a browser without downloading it to the machine first.
Java has an interesting link to Mac OS X &#8211- last summer,Apple got rid of Java in OS X 10.7 Lion,nevertheless,it continues to release Java patches for both &#8211- Lion and Snow Leopard.
Apple’s latest Java update can be downloaded from Apple’s website for Snow Leopard or Lion.For those users that have Java installed it will be updated automatically.

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