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Apple Ponders Facial Recognition Features for iOS

Rather than sliding out your iPhone, iPad or the iPod touch so as to unlock it, there will come a day when you will simply place it in front of your face and it will get unlocked automatically. This future aspect which is presently made a part of several devices such as the Android tablets that are operating on the latest versions of Google and the same might end on the mobile platform of Apple quite soon.

A patent application that has been published on the part of U.S Patent and Trademark Office in which there has been provided details of a system which makes use of on-board cameras through which it can recognize all the faces within a frame along with recognizing whose face it is. The feature than can create a setup for the device for ach particular users’ individual profile or perform an action which is as simple as turning the screen on.

The Apple company has made an argument in this regard as a proposed solution which are running counter to the existing two categories of tools used for facial recognition: robust which are those ones that are considered as computationally expensive and the ones which are designed having security aspects in mind but this situation appears to be quite powerful and particular about the ambient conditions of lighting.

The system of Apple which has been termed by the company as ‘low threshold face recognition’  has been holding a claim to fall within its own category and having the ability to handle several forms of lighting conditions and also inserting a burden on the hardware. The patent application has described it as an app that is nimble enough to be compatible with tablet based computers, smartphones, laptops and other such devices.

The tech rival of Apple, Google has introduced the feature of facial recognition technology within its Android mobile operating systems in recent past by launching its latest model of galaxy Nexus. The model makes use of the front facing camera on the device to scan out a users face and makes a cross reference with what it has within the file and then unlocking the device after it locates a match within it.

The security aspect of this feature was immediately questioned as the users of the device had a fear that this feature can be easily fooled out by simply placing a printed photo in front of it after which Google responded in terming the app as a low security option and also lesser secure than a PIN code, pattern or passcode options.

Apple, on the other hand, has several options in terms of security beyond what Google is offering as the company has mentioned the tracking ability of some unique facial features or the skin tones so as to provide the authorization to a given user so as to gain access within the device.

One point worth mentioning is that Apple has already made use of face detection on the latest model of its smartphone, the iPhone 4S.this device is the first one which has the feature of picking facial aspects as its focus point and as per the claims, apple can handle up to 10 faces and setting its focus on the most prominent within the set.

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